Four Ways to Transform Your Home on a Budget

Transform your home on a budget

When looking to sell your home, one of the most important things to do is to make sure the property is presented in the most attractive fashion possible and this is where our expert sales team in Braemore Sales & Lettings can help with a few low-cost tips:

In this article we’re going to look at 4 key ways you can transform your home on a budget, we’re going to explore colour scheme, upgrading your bathroom, furniture staging & the value of decluttering.

After you’re finished reading, we hope you’re more inspired to make some of these key changes to give your home the best possible chance of being sold.

Is the Colour Scheme a little too personal?

When you’re looking to transform your home on a budget, one of the easiest things to address in a home is the paintwork. The common misconception is that all rooms need to be painted white. In most cases, this takes character out of a room and leaves it feeling too clinical. Sometimes an off-white or a grey can be more beneficial. Buyers will forgive the odd scuff mark here and there but if you have a feature wall or a specific colour scheme that possibly feels a little too personal then it is worthwhile reviewing this and our team can give guidance and even instruct our contractors to do the works for you.

Would the bathroom benefit from upgrading?

Another simple thing to address is the grouting and the sealant in the bathroom/s. If there is any evidence of mould or the sealant starting to appear a little more pink than usual, then it’s always worthwhile having this addressed. Sometimes some bleach can help. Sometimes a full update is smarter. When transforming your home on a budget, look no further than simply re-grouting around tiles can also help with that fresh feel.

You can get your hands on a simple re-grouting kit for about £5, here.

Surveyors will flag signs of age around baths and shower units in bathrooms so again, very smart to have this addressed before their visit.

Would some staging or extra colour in the rooms help?

As part of our sales package with Braemore Sales & Lettings, we believe that a furnished property presents better than an unfurnished property. Furniture gives the images depth online but also, it gives viewers an idea of how they would have the property formatted if they were to buy. We offer a full staging service along with a basic dressing service. If the property is already furnished, sometimes a few scatter cushions and plants in the living room or, a different bed spread and curtains in the bedrooms helps with the presentation. It can make the images more eye catching for the right reasons. We can also offer virtual staging for properties that are completely empty of furniture/belongings, to instantly transform your home on a budget.

Finally, declutter.

We want to show your property in the most welcoming fashion so, any personal belongings should always be stored away for the professional photoshoot and for all viewings. Keep in mind that the property will be advertised on public property websites so we advise that family photographs and any items pined up on the fridge are safely tucked away. For other items, apply the ‘six week’ rule, meaning if you haven’t found a use for an item in the last six weeks, store it away.