Newhaven Guide

Newhaven, or “Newhavin” as it was originally known is set to the North of Edinburgh by the Firth of Forth and was built to build warships in 1504 as the Port of Leith was deemed too small for such projects. 

The village part of Newhaven is very historical indeed with Victoria Primary School, established in the 1840s, set on the Main Street being the oldest local council primary school still in use within the City of Edinburgh.

Newhaven was redeveloped by Edinburgh’s town planners in the 1950s and 1960s under the control of both the city architect (for the demolition elements) and Ian Lindsay and Partners (for the reconstruction). Main Street was almost wholly obliterated but rebuilt in “replica” on its north side. The south side was rebuilt as uncompromisingly modern three storey flats in a typically bland 1960s style. Other redevelopment in the area, at Great Michael Rise and on Laverockbank Crescent, was the work of the eminent Scottish modern architect Sir Basil Spence

Newhaven offers an abundance of interesting property and places stretching from the old village and port of Newhaven right the way through to the modern marina and new build luxury developments on the shore line.  Designated as a conservation area in 1977, Newhaven offers a variety of building types with many of the older buildings being used by Fishermen whereby their accommodation would be on the first floor with the ground floor being used to store fishing nets! 

The new Western Harbour development extends north into the Firth of Forth from Newhaven. It is also the home of Next Generation Sports Centre (now named David Lloyd Newhaven Harbour), where the tennis player Sir Andy Murray regularly played as a youngster.

The news of the Edinburgh tram line, which will see an additional 3 miles of track from Leith, extends into Newhaven in 2023 and will further increase tenant and investor demand as it secures Newhaven’s place in the network helping to move its residents into the City Centre with ease.  We fully expect rental prices to further increase with this news and to continue that upward trajectory after works have been completed.

With the abundance of new builds and traditional properties, many investors choose to purchase property within the Newhaven area.  This market particularly appeals to young professionals given the easy access to the City Centre and the abundance of excellent local shops, bars and restaurants.  Most of the property for rent within the area are 1 and 2 bedroom flats although there is also a market for the larger family homes.

Given the huge number of young professionals looking to rent property, it’s no surprise that rent values within Newhaven have grown dramatically over the last few years.  This steady increase is higher than the National average increase in rent values as a percentage and is one of Edinburgh’s top performing areas in terms of percentage increases.  Many investors still see a potential for growth in the area and we are seeing plenty of demand from investors and tenants alike ensuring a positive future for a fantastic and historical area.

Braemore has significant traction in Newhaven with close to 100 properties under management in the area. Should you need advice on this area or any other please do give us a call. Reference this article and receive 1 months free management on us!